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Those who know me well will know I spent a few years in teaching. You may even know that I have previously mentioned the value of consciously thinking about what you are thinking about, and here’s a quick example as to why it’s important:

A U.S. study that focused on children’s education demonstrated the importance of the teacher’s thinking on the children’s performance. They studied a group of ‘average intelligence’ 10-year olds and split them into two sub-groups. Teacher A would teach the first group and she was told that these students were ‘Gifted and Talented’. The second teacher took the other half, but he was informed that these students were classed as ‘Strugglers’.

The year passed with both teachers following the same scheme of work before the two groups completed a test to measure the improvements in their learning. The ‘Gifted’ group had indeed made good progress and on average scored higher than their previous years test scores. However, the group labeled ‘Strugglers’ actually scored lower than their previous year scores.

This demonstrated that the teacher’s thinking and expectations had impacted of the development and results of these children. The lesson we can all take from this example is the fact that your thinking is extremely important to your success. Thinking something along the lines of “I’m not very good at sales”, results in a self-fulfilling prophecy. To conclude, simply thinking of your current ability in this negative way is absolutely limiting your actual potential.

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