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The impact of seeing and thinking on successful leadership.

Do you see with your eyes or do you see with your brain?

In a simple experiment a large number of people were given glasses with coloured lenses to wear for two weeks. Each lens was divided in half, one half was yellow and the other side was blue. When the wearer looked to the left, the world appeared blue, and when they looked to the right, everything appeared yellow. They wore these glasses every day, while performing their routine activities. Over time the individuals no longer saw the colour of things any differently than they had before they started wearing the special glasses. The conclusion of the study was that it is indeed the brain that sees, and not the eyes! The experiment demonstrated that the people were creating their reality from their memory.

If it is your brain that sees, then maybe you are perceiving the world based on what you have experienced and what you currently think? Our thinking is shaped by a number of areas including your upbringing, your personality, your experience and your values and beliefs. It’s the stuff already wired into your brain and accepted as ‘the truth’. It’s perhaps the reason we can witness the very same things as a work colleague, but draw very different conclusions?

If you do accept that we see with our brain then you should accept this is a problem for leadership. This is because we do not actually see reality but our own version of reality! I have often talked about leaders sat around the boardroom table staring at a multi-colored beachball placed in the middle of that table. Each leader would suggest the beachball is a different colour based on their angle of view. This analogy helps to demonstrate that each director is also likely to have a different view of every problem and opportunity that arises. Deciding who is right or wrong then becomes a battle around whose brain perceives the situation most accurately, or at least who holds the most senior position.

So, my question to you. Are you perceiving problems and opportunities solely based on your current thinking? Are you seeing things from your prior experience instead of your future possibilities? Coaching is one way to challenge and improve your thinking and ensure your decisions achieve greater success. Want to know more? Please call Paul now on 07827 682368.

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