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I must start this blog by giving credit to The Myers-Briggs Company who produced the accompanying infographic. It is they who have spent hours measuring and researching the published facts, I am simply endorsing their marketing as I truly believe this instrument positively supports individuals and teams who are looking to improve their performance.

I myself am a qualified Step I and Step II practioner, and from my experience I can say the learning people gain from this instrument is usually revitalising, often transformative and occasionally mind-blowing. I have spent hundreds of hours delivering personality preference feedback and team learning workshops and I have yet to find anyone who was unimpressed, or that has not learnt new things about themselves and the other people that they interact with.

“So what?”, I hear you say.

Well, there are many intervention alternatives around ‘team building’ and ‘team development’. This can mean limited investigation into the benefits and suitability of each of the options. I’m simply asking you to focus a little longer on this instrument, as it really does deliver improved thinking, improved behaviours and improved results. In short, this personality profiling instrument gives both individuals and teams the opportunity to discover more about their strengths and blind-spots and more importantly it delivers the motivation to change and improve.

“Want to know more?” Please give me a call on 07827 682368, I’d love to hear more about your specific needs and whether this kind of intervention is right for your team.

The MBTI instrument is proven to support with the following areas:

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