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Research from neuroscientists has shown that the impact of ‘technology’ is now the biggest cause of time-wasting in the workplace. They also concluded that our increased use of technology has resulted in extensive digital multitasking which is significantly decreasing our attention spans and ability to focus. Surveys showed that 86% of individuals admitted to being distracted by their Facebook accounts, and of those, 46% said these distractions made them feel less motivation towards their work.

Does this sound like you or your team? Maybe you already recognised the dark side of technology and the impact it can have on your productivity and ability to focus? I turned off all my “bing and ping” notifications a long time ago because I noticed that my efficiency was impacted, and this caused me to work later than I should.

Today I have a related top-tip to help your productivity and focus, it’s a simple concept I call ‘Red Time’. ‘Red Time’ is a regular slot or slots in your diary where you stop the hamster wheel and focus on your goals. ‘Red Time’ is an opportunity to think about the big stuff, without interruptions. It’s a time when you are unavailable to everyone, think of it as an important meeting with yourself if that helps. ‘Red Time’ is your opportunity to plan for the future, it’s a time when you can work on your own personal development. You’ve got it, ‘Red Time’ can be for whatever you like, but it is serious. That means it happens regularly and it doesn’t get cancelled because something else seemed more urgent. Your focus on yourself and your future is more important than any Facebook post or email.

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