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Why am I so busy?

Over the last few days I have been asked variants of the simple question, “How do I do less?” This has come from leaders who feel they are just too busy to cope, and from SME business owners who are starting to think about retirement. The parallel sentiment is that they want to do less […]

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Change and your habits

Did you know that your habits, including the bad ones, are like computer programs that run in the background? However, when a computer program is updated with new information the old program is gone. When the human brain gleans improved information, it does not delete the old information and your unconscious brain prefers to run […]

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The impact of seeing and thinking on successful leadership.

Do you see with your eyes or do you see with your brain? In a simple experiment a large number of people were given glasses with coloured lenses to wear for two weeks. Each lens was divided in half, one half was yellow and the other side was blue. When the wearer looked to the […]

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Successful Thinking

Do you possess a pair of ‘Like me’ goggles? Have you worn them lately? ‘Like me’ goggles are actually imaginary, but they represent a very real tendency for us all to see the world from our own point-of-view. Recently I was reminded of a totally true story that has a tenuous link to a painting […]

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Improve your productivity

Research from neuroscientists has shown that the impact of ‘technology’ is now the biggest cause of time-wasting in the workplace. They also concluded that our increased use of technology has resulted in extensive digital multitasking which is significantly decreasing our attention spans and ability to focus. Surveys showed that 86% of individuals admitted to being […]

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