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The reason Blue Sky Performance exists is to inspire people to improve their performance

Blue Sky Performance

By Paul Burrows

No doubt you’ve heard other Executive Coaches promise that they can improve your business results? Maybe they promised to increase the enthusiasm or engagement levels of your team? Perhaps they were even bold enough to suggest a significant cash return on your investment?

Typically, less than a quarter of all coaching and training interventions are successful in creating positive action and lasting change. Where results are not achieved, responsibility can become an issue. Often proverbs like, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”, are offered by the ‘expert’. Whether coaching the leader or training the team, I see it as my responsibility to inspire people to be thirsty for new knowledge, thirsty for change and thirsty for improved results. I am confident in my abilities so offer a simple guarantee, if you don’t see improved results, you don’t pay.

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